Where Are The Christmas Tree Recycling Centers

Christmas Tree Recycling-Where And When?

At time of post, January 5th 2015, I am finding that most of the places to recycle your Christmas Tree are now closed. Wow, just a week after Christmas and the party is over. Where is the closest Christmas Tree Recycling Center?

Where Are The Christmas Tree Recycling CentersWell fear not, I did some digging for those sprightly trees that just did so well, you hated to take them down. Here are some locations and dates to remember
so you too can recycle and not just create a large lump in the back yard.

Area Cities Around Georgia For Christmas Tree Recycling

Buford: Fire station 14-1600 Highway 23 12.26.2014-1/16/2015
Buford: Fire station 24 2735 Mall Of GA Blvd.- 12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Buford: Fire station 29 2800 Thompson Mill Road, 12/26/2014-1/16/2015

Cumming: Coal Mountain Convenience And Recycle Center-3560 Settingdown Road-Cumming-12/26/2014-1/25/2015

Duluth: Fire station 19-3275 North Berkeley Lake Road=12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Duluth: Fire station 5-3001 Old Norcross Rd-12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Duluth: Fire station 7-3343 Bunton Road-12/26/2014-1/16/2015

Lawrenceville: Fire station 25-3575 Lawrenceville Highway 12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Lawrenceville: Fire station 9-1900 Five Forks-Twickum Rd 12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Lawrenceville: Fire station 20-1801 Cruse Road-12/26/2014-1/16/2015

Norcross: Fire station 1 165 Lawrenceville St. 12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Norcross: Fire station 11 5885 Live Oak Parkway 12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Norcross: Fire station 23 4355 Steve Reynolds Blvd. 12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Norcross: Fire station 4 5550 Spalding Drive 12/26/2014-1/16/2015

Sugar Hill: Fire station 26-6075 Suwanee Dam Road 12/26/2014-1/16/2015

Suwanee: Fire station 21-474 Old Peachtree Road-12/26/2014-1/16/2015
Suwanee: Old Atlanta Convenience And recycle Center-3678 Old Atlanta Road-12/26/2014=1/18/2015
Suwanee: Sims Lake Park-4100 Suwanee Dam Road-12/26/2014-1/18/2015